Property Maintenance Program

Our property maintenance program:  created for everyone, designed to fit any budget! 

Our signature service is our property maintenance program.  We created this for everyone, residential or commercial, designed to fit any budget!


Here’s how it works:

Say you have a property with beautiful landscaping and lawn and a blacktop driveway.  You don’t have the time, means or ability to maintain it.  Here’s our solution for you.

You call us, we meet and you tell us what you want done.

For example, weekly lawn care, freshen up the landscaping (mulch, trim and pruning) 2 times a year, snow removal and driveway sealed (coming in 2019). 

We run the numbers.  It’s a little pricey to pay for all up front. Right?  Well, what if I told you we will finance it at no additional cost to you!  We break it down into 12 payments with no interest.  You simply give us a down payment and you get your lawn mowed weekly, your landscaping freshened up 2 times a year, your driveway sealed, your driveway plowed in the winter and best part is we will throw in a spring and fall cleanup. 

You continue your low interest free monthly payment and renew your contract when it’s up.  That’s better than having a lawn mower payment!

Sign Up Today!  (585) 682-6077

Counties: Orleans, Genesee, Monroe and Niagara.

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